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Factory Automation Design And Fabrication

Miyoshi Limited does not stop at meeting customer needs and requirements only; we are constantly upgrading our technology and technical knowledge in Automation. Automation is in our blood line, we have been constantly fabricating automation equipment for our production needs such as Gasket, Air & Helium leak tester machine.

Understanding the needs to have high quality product, Miyoshi started to work on a fully automation machine that will provide Air Leak testing and also Visual inspection of plotted gasket. In year 2014, Miyoshi fabricated the first of its kind a fully automated machine that can perform Air leak testing and also visual inspection. This machine will test the HDD cover for air leak based on customer specification and only cover that pass the Air leak test will move on to the 2nd step of inspecting the gasket for defects.

Miyoshi does not just stop at this level; we are also looking at opportunity to offer our automation capabilities to Companies that required such services.

                (1st in history)
Air Leak and Visual Inspection Line
Stand Alone Air Leak Tester
Auto-riveting Line